About the Designer:  Karen Kupke 

As Founder and CEO of RetroWhere?TM, a collection of travel-inspired, retro handbags with authentic pictorial landmark travel labels seen on trunks, hatboxes and luggage dating back to the 1940's and 50's, Karen oversees production, operations and sales.
If you ask her where her true inspiration comes from, it was a few things such as; her mother's love of women's 1940's-50's fashion, ladies in hats and gloves, and a game they played together "What Shall I Wear?". It was also her father's love of travel and his old suitcase(below). Her mother gave her a mirror when she was a little girl. Painted on the back of the mirror was a girl sitting on a stack of suitcases with travel stickers,  just like the luggage below.  At that moment she knew she was that girl and would one day see the world.  In later years, she did just that!
Today, she transcends her story into her company RetroWhere?
TMFine handbags

(and more fun things to come) - designed for the wanderlust girl on the go!